Knights, Louden Beach and Real life…

I’ve spent the last year working full time freelance writing for clients.  I’ve been so busy writing for others I stopped writing for myself.  I just spent my first week writing full time for myself again and it felt fantastic!  I love having full creative freedom again.

In addition I’ve been struggling living with chronic staph infection and needing surgery but no way to afford said surgery.  Last week I received STUNNING news someone has donated the funds for me to have the surgery ASAP.  That means I may spend 6-8 weeks in the very near future out of pocket.  I will be asking a close friend to at least continue posting my Tuesday blog posts and once a month newsletter until I am back on my feet.


YES, at least one more book is planned. At this moment I’m not sure when that will happen. As I get back into writing full time I will be developing a new writing and publishing schedule.  I hope to have some answers by the end of August on timelines of publishing.  The fourth book was slated originally to be Justin’s story but Justin hasn’t said much to me lately.  He needs to start talking for the story to happen.  🙂


Book 1- Losing Mia

This book was released in May 2017 and part of a fun series that originated as a story on Wattpad.  This published version is been editing and rewritten with new content to improve the story while keeping the original characters.

Book 2- Finding Ryder

Last week as I sat down at my laptop and begin typing this story was the one speaking to me.  It was rewritten and prepared for the editor.  The cover is ready to go and I need to design some teasers and it will be published near Sept. 23, 2017.  This is my last planned release for 2017.


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A statement on Charolottesville

My heart continues to hurt for the loss of life yesterday in Charlottesville.  However, at the same time, I had a gut feeling early on that it was going to end up bad.  The Unite the Right showed up ready for battle.  They had weapons and shields, they were prepared to fight.  One might conclude they were looking for a fight.

As a country, we need to make a call to end the violence!  All Violence!  When the women marched on Washington they didn’t bring weapons to a peaceful protest. We need to start thinking with logic and intelligence.  Emotion is an easy natural reaction but it’s not always right.  

Trump’s lame attempt at making a statement on this incident is appalling for an American President.  I’m glad to see that other elected officials from both parties are taking strong stands with their public statements.  We need to call a spade a spade and this is homegrown terrorism.  As a country, we should be united in sending the message that we will not tolerate hatred of this magnitude.  

I’m appalled by how many still want to ignore and deny racism is alive and well in America.  I’m appalled how many are silently standing by and not condemning these acts as un American and more importantly in the south unChristian.

I’m sure I will lose friends and readers over this public statement but I must be true to my beliefs and that means standing up and speaking out for all social injustice.  I will not sit silent and let my country be stolen by racist bigots.

I stand with Charlottesville!  

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Writing Update

I am behind… like two weeks behind schedule.  I’m the only one who schedules me so how did I let this happen? Life is crazy.  I have a full plate.

I’ve been Freelance writing articles and blog posts and had to hire three people to help me keep up with the demand. I’m also ghostwriting romance books for a couple of clients.  That’s been interesting, to say the least.

I’m also working in the Non-Fiction field as well.  I have a book on sexual confidence coming along and will be offering a FREE email course to aspiring writers. Yes, I’m crazy busy.

Wattpad-I’ve been publishing Rough Ryder now renamed  “Lost” It’s almost complete just a few more weeks.  It will stay up around two weeks after completion at which time I will take it down and begin the publishing process.

“Found” is book two and is currently being written for publication on Wattpad.  I will repeat the same post weekly updates and remove it after completion for publication.

Twice Loved– has received a makeover.  The cover has been jazzed up and contents re-edited.  If you previously purchased it no worries, your Kindle will update automatically.  If you haven’t, then be on the look out in November.

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