Twice Loved

Twice Loved

Mari Brown

March 17, 2016

Ever wondered what you’d do if you were faced with a ladies man who could charm the pants off a nun? Especially if your husband is at home dying of cancer? That was exactly the position Lori found herself in during a girls’ night out. For the past two years Lori has been fighting her own conflicting emotions and guilt. But now her husband is laid to rest, can she allow herself a second chance at love?


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About Mari’s PA

💋Hello Everyone, My name is Tara Dinkins and I’m Mari Brown’s Personal assistant.

I am 27 years old, and live in a small country town in East Texas. I’m married to my high school sweetheart of 13 years and we have a 2 year old little girl together. In 2012, I recieved my LVN certificate, but am currently a stay at home mom. I love spending time with my family, being outdoors and reading.

My love for reading start about 5 years ago with the Twilight series, then Fifty Shades Of Grey. After that I bought myself a kindle and starting reading daily.

My first read from Mari Brown was Destiny’s Detour. I loved this college romance book and hoped for a book two. Then she release the 1st book in the Knight Series and i fell in love with Cole and Kat.

In April of this year, Mari sent me an ARC of the third book in The Knight Series. After reading Beyond The Edge, we began chatting on facebook messenger about our love for books. Shorty after, I became her Personal Assistant.

This journey has opened a new world of books. A world, I never knew existed. I have loved every step along the way. Being able to find and reading new Authors. And meeting new people who love reading as much as I do. I’ve also gain a friendship with Mari.

If you love books, look me up on Facebook. Tara Dinkins, PA


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Writing Update

I am behind… like two weeks behind schedule.  I’m the only one who schedules me so how did I let this happen? Life is crazy.  I have a full plate.

I’ve been Freelance writing articles and blog posts and had to hire three people to help me keep up with the demand. I’m also ghostwriting romance books for a couple of clients.  That’s been interesting, to say the least.

I’m also working in the Non-Fiction field as well.  I have a book on sexual confidence coming along and will be offering a FREE email course to aspiring writers. Yes, I’m crazy busy.

Wattpad-I’ve been publishing Rough Ryder now renamed  “Lost” It’s almost complete just a few more weeks.  It will stay up around two weeks after completion at which time I will take it down and begin the publishing process.

“Found” is book two and is currently being written for publication on Wattpad.  I will repeat the same post weekly updates and remove it after completion for publication.

Twice Loved– has received a makeover.  The cover has been jazzed up and contents re-edited.  If you previously purchased it no worries, your Kindle will update automatically.  If you haven’t, then be on the look out in November.

Monthly Newsletter:  If you haven’t already joined my mailing list.  You will receive one newsletter a month. 

The monthly newsletter will offer other ways to interact.  I have a Reader/Review team.  And the ability to sign up for weekly reminders of sales and promotions I currently have.

Thank you for all you do to support me.  I wouldn’t be here without you the reader!

Keep Dreaming


New Release

☆New Release by Kendall Grey☆


by Kendall Grey

With guns like these, who needs the Second Amendment?

Terrorism. Corruption. Lawlessness.

Criminals are literally getting away with murder while career congressmen sit in their ivory towers, wringing their hands, calling each other names, and pointing fingers.

The American people are fed up with the same old empty promises from politicians. It’s time to elect a president who will kick some ass.

Enter Jake Hammer, the sexy-as-hell senator and presidential hopeful from Massachusetts. His stance on combating terrorism is as hard as his abs. His commitment to pound purveyors of corruption into submission makes his constituents swoon. His vow to nail criminals leaves female citizens breathless.

With a landslide sweep of the Electoral College, Jake and his mysterious new bride Setta are heading to the White House, but neither the president nor the first lady are what they seem. When a dangerous enemy from his past returns, their marriage may not be the only thing under fire. The country he worked so hard to save could go up in smoke.

Now, more than ever, the United States needs a hero.

Alpha Prez to the rescue.

* This action/adventure story contains adult language, a sizzling side of hot sex, and lots of law breaking. It is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

** No politicians, political parties, or feelings (I hope!) were harmed during the making of this novel. This story was written in good fun and is not intended to push any political agenda.

*** Laugh! It’s better than crying. 🙂



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