The last week has been interesting for me.  First, it started with me taking a leave of absence from a volunteer organization I belong to.  I took two months to rest and recover from surgery.  It’s been harder for me to have good days lately.  I spent 4 days in bed with a fever last week.  The infections are now coming every 2-3 weeks and that is no way for anyone to live I can assure you.

With the GoFundMe up and running my surgery is no longer a wishful thinking type thing but instead is a reality.  I am supposed to hear back this week on making an official surgery date.

I took some of my time last week to focus on books that readers are asking for and that I know I have been promising for some time.  Yet another reason I want this surgery to happen so badly or maybe I should say need this surgery.  I want to be able to go back to a time where I could write without any effect on my health, energy and/or body.  I have always been what is called a pantster in the writing world meaning I sat down with a blank document and just started writing what came to mind.  Although I admit in my mind I had played with characters and story somewhat.

I’m always working to improve my craft so I read up on creating an outline for a novel.  I realized I was doing a lot of outlining in my head but it’s much better for me and eventually you the reader if maybe I start writing it down.  I can’t tell you how many times I have to refer back to novels already published to refresh my own memory.  I’m hoping this outlining will eliminate the need for that in the future.

After getting over the fever I was able to focus last week and outlined not one, not even two but three novels.  It was an amazing feeling for me.  It was like I actually accomplished something tangible last week. I am ready to get to work on these three novels once I am recovering from surgery.

This week even though I am behind my own timeline I will continue trying to knock out the rewrites on Finding Ryder and once completed the novel will get to my editor and I’m not going to rush her job in order to put a book out.  I want this book as well done as possible before I hit publish.  But I have hope for the first time in a while and see a light at the end of this dark tunnel called my health that I have been battling for a couple years now.


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