Today makes Day 23 of a 30 day writing challenge I gave myself.  After a year of working for others I knew I’d need major discipline to  start working for myself again.

I will write everyday, it doesn’t matter how that looks just that I write.

It’s really that simple.  So what I have I accomplished in 23 days following this single goal?

  • I have made an entry everyday in my writing journal
  • I have begun plotting a new series
  • I have written ______k words in Finding Ryder
  • I have plotted some on Book 4 of the Knight Series
  • I have email a monthly newsletter
  • I have blogged each Tuesday
  • I have signed on and posted on FB daily Monday-Friday

I feel like I’m moving forward and making progress.  I’m setting habits for myself to keep me motivated and on track as I take back my writing career that I dearly love. Amazingly too without much effort into marketing yet  I have even seen a slight increase in my sales and free reads on Kindle unlimited.

It’s truly amazing what happens when you set a simple goal and work it everyday.  So I ask you what is your goal? what is it that you want?  leave me a comment I want to hear from each of you.


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