Let’s talk about characters.  I have a type.  Selfish yet strong protagonist.  Alpha, possessive heroes and mentally ill antagonist.  I don’t know why these types fascinate me so much that I write story after story with these same types.  The psychologist trained part of me finds this all utterly fascinating.

Let’s look at one of my first loved but hated characters.  Katarina Roberts. The emotionally stunted spoiled and selfish protagonist of my Knight Series.  She has a lot of strengths but she is majorly flawed too.  Maybe that’s too realistic at times  I don’t know.  Kat is stubborn and headstrong and thinks she knows how to fix everything.  She doesn’t think before acting her impulses get her in trouble all the time.  She makes rash choices and will later regret them.

She grew up with little support in her family.  Her brother the only one who genuinely loved her but even he didn’t have positive role models either.  He did his best but he was doomed to walk a path in the crime world to survive the cruel world he lives in.   For a few years he “abandons” her thinking he’s protecting her from the wrong path in life.  He’s made her promise to get good grades and get the hell away from Belmont.  Kat listens to her brother in that she does get good grades she does get a scholarship but her friends from school are the Knight Twins.  She’s connected to the crime world anyway.  

In Book 3 Kat finds out all about her biological father.  Shocked to find out he’s wealthy and not only had no clue she was ever born but he wants to be part of Kat’s life.  Kat wants to trust in this new family.  I think when I pick up writing the series There will be some exploration for Kat and her father and half siblings.  

Kat has finally married Cole the love of her life and things will be happy ever after well as much as can be when you run a crime family together.   There are still parts of their lives to explore yet not be the sole focus of the upcoming novel in the Knight Series. What are they like married?  As parents? As business partners?

I’d love to hear my readers thoughts on Kat?  What do you like about her? What do you not like about her?  What’s your favorite Kat moment?  


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