Written By: Tara Dinkins

How can I put Romance and intimacy back into my marriage?

This is a common question many people ask themselves. After being married for a number of year, having kids, a job and many other responsible. Couples tend to settle into a routine, putting other things ahead of there own needs.

As a woman, we love the intimacy,  hidden kisses, secret touch and being told we are beautiful or sexy.

I can’t speak from a man’s point of view and we know they would never tell use how they fell anyways.

So I’ve come up with 10 ways to help bring romance and intimacy back into a marriage.

1. Date Night: it’s the one night a week that a couple gets to themselves. Do something together, even if it’s just dinner and a movie. Now I know money can also be tight, but a date night at home can be just as fun. Relaxing by a fire, or cuddling up on the couch. Just do something together.

2. Explore new territory, write down your fantasies and put them in a “fantasy jar.” Then take turns picking out of the jar and act out the fantasies. This can build romance, intimacy, trust and great sex.

3. Be playful. Play a sexy romantic game like twister! Steal kisses while the game is in play.

4. For women, reverse the role when it comes to sex, you become the aggressor. You could even be the one to initiate sex, make the rules, be on top.

5. Be desirable. Throw away the big ugly underwear and ratty tshirts. Buy something sex to wear. Do it for yourself and your significant other.

6. Help build up desire. Send a dirty text message, or even a text message telling the other how much you love them.

7. Seize the moment. Make memories, plan trips, do something you haven’t done before or something you’ve always talked about doing.

8. Do something for one another. Help out around the house, or with shopping. Taking a responsible from the other can help relieve stress and reduce arguments.

9. Be open minded. We all have something we like that the other doesn’t. It could be sexual, such as oral sex or anal sex. Let’s do that for them, and they can always return the favor.

10. Be a man. Surprise your wife. Oh man, do we love surprises and guess what it doesn’t have to be expensive. A night away, would be amazing. A hot bath, while you watch the kids. Roses every now and then. Yes, I know they die, but they make us feel special. Also, tell us we are beautiful. Every women wants to know they are beautiful.

Is your marriage worth the change?

For me, these 10 ways may be helpful to my marriage. But I also know everyone is different, and every marriage isn’t the same. Some will try and succeed, when others may give up and fail.

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