I am southern, deep in the Bible Belt raised. Yet, I have no issue with Romance Novels and  sex. I’m likely to talk to you about sex like I’m discussing what’s for dinner. Who doesn’t enjoy  reading a good story with some great sex in the mix?  I know most of you won’t admit you do (especially in public). Over the years, I have had the opportunity to talk to men and women both about sex and Romance novels. Many harbor a lingering notion sex is taboo and romance novels are nothing more than soft porn. (although in all fairness this may be slightly true, I’m ok  with it though)

Let’s look at some of the reasons why women should read Romance Novels(and  men could benefit if they read one or two)

Escape­ Real life is hard,  There is no owner’s manual. Real shit happens. We get married, have kids, people get sick, loved ones die. You fight with the man who once made your toes curl. Money is always tight. STRESS is the name of the game. Many addictions start as a  method of escaping reality.  Romance Novels is probably one of the healthiest escapes a woman can take.  No thinking is required when you read a romance novel.  We all need some  “me” time to escape the stress of real life, just remember it’s a hobby not a way of life.

Variety­ is the spice of life. Men have used this to justify cheating in a relationship. Men are sex driven period.  Men need sex like women need romance.  The key to success in a marriage or personal relationship is compromise that works for both partners.  However, many are afraid to  get real and have these talks. Romance Novels allow you to be whoever, wherever, and  whenever you want. It’s a way to have a grand love affair without cheating on your spouse  because it’s not real it’s all make believe. It’s safe in our imagination, no STDs, no unwanted  pregnancies etc.

Bad Boys­  Every woman at least once in her life has fantasized about taming the bad boy. I  call bullshit if you say you haven’t.  We are irresistibly drawn to his swagger, his charm, he  oozes sex from every pore in his toned and tattooed body. Reality Check: Bad Boys are not  easy to tame in real life. Once a player always a player.  Romance Novels allow us to live out  this fantasy in safety. Our hearts won’t be stomped on. We won’t be left a broken sobbing mess on the bathroom floor (at least not for long in a novel).  It’s truly okay to fantasize through  novels.

Love­. Women are emotional creatures. We are designed to need affection. We like the  arousal of attraction, (sometimes more than sex)  We are completely smitten with the idea of  romance in a relationship (some women get lucky and have a romantic spouse).  We are in love  with the idea of love.  Romance Novels give us an opportunity to fall in love over and over with  book boyfriends. These books feed our need to experience romance daily.

Sex­  “Let’s talk about sex baby”  gotta love Salt N Pepa (yes I’m old school).  Growing up in the  Bible belt I was raised in church I was there every time the doors open. Church tends to teach  that sex is only for procreation within the bounds of marriage(I have no issue if a person chooses to wait until marriage).  It seems there is an unspoken (sometimes it is spoken) message that sex is not to be enjoyed. BULLSHIT! Sex is natural.  We were created for it. It’s why our bodies fit together. Romance Novels are often the first step in a woman admitting she  enjoys sex. It’s normal to enjoy sex. It’s okay to be a little kinky in the bedroom. Sadly most  women never get past this step and it remains a fantasy life. I encourage you to read your man  a scene from a novel and see what happens. Let him create your fantasy in the bedroom and return the favor and be his fantasy too. Place some boundaries know what is okay don’t go into without talking some about it. Sex is not a duty or chore, and while procreation is nice it’s not the  only reason for sex. ENJOY IT!

I have discussed a few reason that Romance Novels are good for women to read.  What are  your thoughts? I want to hear from you leave a comment to this post or if you wish to drop me a private message you may do so at maribrownauthor@gmail.com


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