Kellie Montgomery, Christine Stanley and other Bloggers have issued a challenge…I’m jumping on the bandwagon…and I don’t jump on many bandwagons…

When: May 16-22, 2016 (or longer)

The Challenge:  Let’s get back to why we are all here on Social media.  BOOKS!!!!  The Indie World I joined in 2012 is not the one I belong to in 2016. The only drama in the Indie World should be on the pages of our books.

Below is the original challenge issued by Kellie Montgomery on her Facebook.

Today I present us all a challenge I hope you’ll accept as I think we as a community need it. For one week, seven whole days starting May 16th, I, along with Christine Stanley and several of our blogger friends challenge all of us to go back to why we came here and post just books. No rants, no political soap box speeches, no models’ outrageous behavior, no signing hosts that steal from authors, no berating bad review leavers, no KU is a cunt posts….just the good stuff about the books that brought us together in the first place. You know, before drama weaseled its way into the forefront and became more important to dwell on than the words on the pages.If you accept, there is only one rule- you keep it positive and about the books. I am calling it ‪#‎BacktoBooks, thanks to my BFF Dana Leah and whenever you post about books, whether it is to share one of yours, a snippet of your WIP, what signing you’ll be at next, what you’re reading now, who you recommend people read- whatever it is, using that hashtag will get you shared by everyone else taking the challenge with us. I honestly think the week of refocusing our energies may help turn around a sinking ship and become a permanent change as I see every day and know of personal experiences from friends, that people are fleeing this community. Running and hiding from what they used to love because we have let the nasty just take over it all. Authors quitting writing and bloggers not wanting to read anymore, readers only taking chances on books they can get for free because they’re too turned off by the bad attitudes of us all to show support and buy them- I don’t think that is really what we want to see happen. So will you accept the challenge to go #BacktoBooks?

I placed my latest release on sale the weekend of Mother’s day and I have never seen a 99cent book not sell.  Sales were awful and I think a lot of it was due to the lack of focus on books that weekend.  I have seen numerous posts from other authors of declining sales and I can’t help but wonder how much come from the negativity floating around the Indie Community.  There are exceptions who are doing well but the majority are true struggling artist these days.  Let the struggles not be because of our own drama and negativity as a community of authors, bloggers, readers etc.

I hope to see many of you accepting the challenge. You can make a difference one positive post at a time.  Let’s once again become a community to be proud of!



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