Last week I finally completed the rewrites on Beyond the Edge.  I have it with my Beta readers and will be eagerly awaiting their feedback.  Once it is back from them I will make any needed rewrites and then pass it on to my editor the first part of May.  Publication date is anticipated to be June 2016.

Mari Brown will be writing 2 more books this year while my other pen name Kitten James also has 2 novels in the works.  Publication and information on these novels will be coming soon.  Be sure to stay signed up to this blog for the latest information.

Twice Loved has been released and is part of major promotional efforts in April.  If you are a member of KU you might want to check this out:

April Kraze 2

—-April KU Kraze—-

1) Sign up at ROOTSReading (

2) Find your KINDLE UNLIMITED reads at (

3) Entries will ONLY count from our SPONSORED AUTHORS!

4) Several of the authors have more than ONE KU BOOK. Any book read and reviewed during the month of APRIL from a SPONSORED author’s KU list will count!!!!

5) A Google Form will be linked at the end for you to link your entires.

(Friendly Reminder: Please DO NOT put anything in your review about this being a contest and keep your reviews SPOILER FREE.)


✓ 1st Place- Over 40 signed paperbacks & $100 Amazon Gift Card
✓ 2nd Place- $50 Amazon Gift Card
✓ 3rd Place- $35 Amazon Gift Card
✓ 4th Place- $25 Amazon Gift Card
✓ 5th Place- $25 Amazon Gift Card
(In case of ties, prizes will be split in half among the two readers.)


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