The Knight Series was born because I grew up reading the Santanglo Series Jackie Collins wrote.  Lucky Santanglo was my hero.  I wanted to be her when I grew up.  Instead I was inspired by her.  Add in the gangster/mafia/mobster movies I grew up watching with my dad and my fascination with organized crime grew.  I love reading and watching documentaries of real life organized crime families.

I noticed in my love of reading all things romance that organized crime stories were few and far between so I was like why not give it a try for my second novel.  Having no clue a whole series would be born.

Book 1- On the Edge -Published June 2014

Book 2- Over the Edge -Published June 2015

Book 3- Beyond the Edge- Coming June 2016

Book 4-Outside the Edge- Coming June 2017

Book 5- TBA

Book 6- TBA

Now let’s talk about Katarina Roberts. aka Kat.

I think most readers either LOVE her or HATE her.  Yes she is immature and badass and emotionally stunted but its because she had to be…she told me her life story and she is damaged.  Damaged in a way that makes her the character you love or hate.  Her badass side comes from a need to protect herself and over compensate for the areas she feels she is lacking.  In On the Edge you get the shallow immature Kat. In over the Edge you get a Kat who is still learning and growing.  but I think Beyond the Edge will be the book that makes everyone whether you love or hate Kat be like  “Oh I get it now.  It makes sense”  that’s my clue to some of the storyline…lol

I want readers to understand that the characters are who they are and will grow as the series continues.  It’s frustrating to have a character like Kat one moment you love her the next you want to  punch her.  But she is who she is.  I hope that readers will follow the series as she grows. Don’t give up on her.  Think of her as a little girl who you watch grow up.  You won’t like every choice she makes or how she acts but in the end you can say “Oh wow she has changed over the years”





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