It’s been a long time since I published anything here on my blog or a book for that matter…It’s all been a whirl of madness in my personal life.  One thing after another,  I am thankful to say things are getting better once again.  I have lots of news even though I was silent I was still working quietly in the background.

FIRST:  Twice Loved is finally coming.  I don’t have an exact date yet but it will be this month… This book has been a labor of love from the first step to the last.  I chose not to hire anyone to touch this book.  I want it raw.  I have put a lot of myself in this particular story.  I hope that everyone will enjoy reading the second chance romance story  as much as I did writing it.

SECOND:  The rough draft of Book 3 in the Knight Series has been completed.  Beyond the Edge completes Kat and Cole’s wonderful love story.  Betas loved the raw story so it should really be one you will love reading once I begin the revision process followed by editing.  I know you want books sooner than I put them out but honestly I prefer putting out quality over quantity.

THIRD:  Book 4 of the Knight Series Outside the Edge has been started.  The Knight family is back but this time two different characters will be telling  their stories.  That’s right you will still get to hear what your old favorites are up to but from a different view point.  Whose story is this you ask?  This is Justin and Rachel’s story.  You will  meet Rachel in book 3.  I’m enjoying Justin and Rachel so far.

FOURTH: For those not aware I created a pen name a little over a year ago Kitten James.  I am in no way hiding or protecting my identity.  Kitten was created because her storytelling is going to be very different from what Mari writes.  Kitten will be introducing you to dark twisted tales that may not always have a fairy tale ending.  Her first book is currently in the process of being written as well.  King’s Jewel Book 1 of The Imperial Outlaws MC.  Get ready for the ride of your life when you meet King and Jewel.

You can keep up with Kitten  by liking her fan page on Facebook

FIFTH:   I decided I needed real help running the business side of writing.  The kind that can keep up with all the pesky little details, help with promoting my work and so much more.  I don’t have the money to hire an assistant to do this for me and would never ask anyone to do all I really need done for me for free so with that said I began talking to my husband who is really good at managing things.  Prior to becoming disabled he was in upper management. I’m hoping that his management skills will make things run smoother for me.  Better yet he supports me 100% and expects no pay …He just wants to see me succeed.  I was overwhelmed trying to keep up with the business side and creative sides both.  Welcome Randy to the Feisty Cat family!  He will be a huge asset to me in so many ways.  After twenty years together this man gets me in a way no other  ever will.  I love him to the moon and back and can’t wait until I have fully got him integrated into the Indie World.

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