August turned out to be a crazy busy month for me personally and professionally.


!.  I hosted or participated in numerous online events and met many new readers and was able to introduce by books to a whole new crowd.

2. I completed the rough draft and Revisions of Twice Loved…. this book is now with Beta readers before it undergoes another round of revisions.  Once revisions are completed it will be sent off to editor.  Be watching for announcement of a release date.  Plans are in the works for a great photo shoot to create the cover for this book as well and I hope to have it done in the next couple weeks.


  1.  I suffer from Anxiety Disorder for those who live with it like I do you know that most times you are just fine but have “spells”  well I had a 2 week spell this month that brought me t oa low point in motivation.  Thankfully it was short lived and I got back on track fairly quickly.
  2. My father went into the hospital for a Heart Cath and ended up having emergenacy triple bypass surgery to repair 6 blockages.  I’m an only child and a daddy’s girl so I barely left his side or was constantly doing things to help him and my mom out during this time
  3. Our daughter moved back to college for her second year.  After having her home all summer it was bittersweet to see her take off for another year.
  4. Our middle child and oldest son began his Senior year of hisgh school the same week our daughter left for college.  I cant believe how grown my babies are.

Next month I will begin homeschool our youngest son who will be in his Sophomore year of high school  UNBELIEVABLE!  It’s also my husband’s birthday month, my birthday month , and a few other special family occasions in the month.  Watch for lots of fun exciting stuff next month…


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