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Lori Madison, teacher and mom, lost her beloved husband six months ago to cancer. The last two years have been life altering in more ways than one.

Tate Jamieson, mechanic and ladies man extraordinaire became an escape for Lori during a year of her husband’s illness.

Tate’s past and Lori’s guilt forced them to part ways nine months ago, but now Tate’s back and determined to get what he wants. And he wants Lori.

Tate makes Lori feel alive. Can she get past her own guilt and allow Tate a chance to earn her trust with her heart?

Is it too late for them to have a second chance at love? Can they build a life together? Or will life keep them apart?

Other news:

Calendar has been updated make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

Finishing up revision and edits of Belle’s Christmas Miracle for submission to the anthology contest on Aug 1.

Other works in progress in queue: Beyond the Edge and YA short story for donation to an anthology

Looking for a Virtual Assistant:


*Creating & managing social media profiles, business accounts, and pages on the following platforms:






*Creating an online presence by liking and commenting on other people’s posts

*Building your social network and community

*Build, create and maintain Blog contact list

*Creating content for posts and feeds

*Gathering visual content for boards, feeds, and posts

*Scheduling social media posts via Hootsuite (optional)

*Creating blog content to post to your business blog and social feeds

*Creating opt in tabs and call to action tabs in Facebook

*Creating giveaways

*Advertising your product or book on social media

Payment: my undying love, free copies of my books both eformat and Paperback, swag,  other gifts as available.

Contact Mari on Facebook via Private Message or email her at if interested.


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