11667285_640823896053655_8183123392704138070_nNever Series

CM Stunich


CM Stunich is a sadist and I’m her pain whore….. Reading the Never series has been a roller coaster ride of happy, sad, and PAIN…Pain because this woman loves cliffhangers.    I reviewed the first book in the series here.

This review will take you through my thoughts on books 2-5

Finding Never

Never and Ty are on a bus to confront Never’s past.  We meet Never’s sisters, mother and her first love Noah.  Yep now I’m in love with the whole family.  Each of her sisters has their own demons from their past…Mom is a bitch, Noah is sweet, Ty is hot dark and sweet…Never is a bitch you love.  Her sister well you can’t help but like them all Beth then stand in mom, Jade an angry young woman, the little ones are just cute as buttons.

Keeping Never

Never and Ty get more time in this story.  Never has a secret, Ty gets a call from a lawyer telling him his mom is dying.  They travel to New York and we finally get Ty’s background story.  Why he is who he is. Never and Ty battle yet another demon from the past as Ty deals with his past.  Even having some nasty characters from his past reenter their lives.

Never Can Tell

Never and Ty are living in New York a small family trying to make it while cleaning out the mess of a house Ty’s mom left them.  Time comes and they travel back to Never’s family home.  It’s a permanent move for them.  I’m super happy to see them back with the Regali sisters.  All is well in my dark and twisty world of Ty and Never.

Can I just say I’m not sure who I love more Never or Ty…

Ty is hot, he has the whole bad boy, tattoo thing going, throw in his dark and twisty past and he is like a girl wet dream…

Never is got the whole dark and twisty past, temper, badassness thing going on…makes a girl want to be her.

 Never Let Go

This book is more about Zella and Noah.  Can I just say sweet Noah is growing on me in each book of the series?  However he never belonged with Never.  Never and Ty are the only two who make sense for each other.  But I digress.  Zella is home for Christmas break but she has had some nasty shit happen at school and hides it from her family.  Noah and Zella have one little misunderstanding after another.  Then Never and Ty have a little drama…and BAM the book is over….YES CM you are a  sadist!!!!  And I LOVE IT!!!!  Can’t wait for more.

It’s really hard to write a review and not give away all the things I want to say because truth is you need to read the books for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.  Only thing I’m really happy about is finding this series “late” in the game… …the cliffhangers leave you wanting more…  and yes I’m patiently awaiting the release of book 6 as I type this….tick tock tick tock!!!!!

Buy this series….It  is worth the $$$, it’s worth the waiting of the next book….



Tasting Never- http://amzn.to/1OhZZze

Finding Never- http://amzn.to/1fNCYsC

Keeping Never-  http://amzn.to/1e3E2a5

The Story of Never(books 1-3 / bonus material)-  http://amzn.to/1Oi2LVh

Never Can Tell- http://amzn.to/1V8wqVs

Never Let Go-   http://amzn.to/1TFNWPi


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