It’s awesome to be writing  and interacting with my readers again.  I mentioned last week I had several projects.  I’m working daily a little on each one in hopes to complete them all by the end of the year.

Here is the Current Status:

Belle’s Christmas Miracle–  This piece will be submitted by Aug 1 and I will know Sept 1 if it will be included in the Christmas anthology.  If it is not included in the anthology all is not lost…I have plans for it that include self publishing.

Twice Loved– This story is really growing me as a writer.  It’s a bit different from what I normally write.  I originally looked at publishing this under the pen name Kitten James and that may still happen.  However you can follow the progress of this story as I’m submitting it into the Harlequin #SYTYCW contest on Wattpad.  Twice Loved Link.   I would love each of you reading it, commenting on it, and voting for it as I submit a couple chapters a week from now until the Sept 21 Deadline

Beyond the Edge–  I’ve had to back track a little with my Knight Series.  What does this mean? It means I’m re reading Books 1 & 2 so that Book 3 is fresh and new and keeps the fire that is Kat and Cole.  Big things will happen in Book 3 for our supercouple. As always my goal is to improve my writing and give you the readers a better story each time. Never fear though the first few chapters are already roughed out.

Sophie’s Anthology– Well  good news is  the rough draft has been started…still trying to find the perfect title for this story.  Writing YA is a refreshing change sometimes.  It clears my mind allows me to focus on things other than sex.  (not that I mind sex he he)

Readers, do not hesitate to contact me, I love talking with you as time allows, friend me on FB, follow me on Twitter, email me, I encourage stalking!!!!

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