I was in a reading funk for almost a year….for someone who loves to read its a terrible place to be.  I saw the post for a possible group read of the series and I was like “hmmm why not?  I haven’t read this series and it looks good”

I bought the books…


My thoughts after reading Book 1…


Tasting Never

CM Stunich

Never and Ty simply are the most dark and twisted couple I have ever encountered in a book.  I’m not sure what’s more scary…their personal stories or the fact I relate so well.  Two people who use sex to get through the pain in life.  It’s a method of distraction and coping.

As the story develops we see more and more of each of their internal demons which only makes me love each character more.  How can two broken people be so lovable?  They just are!

“If you live your whole life in the darkness, than you don’t have any trouble recognizing the light”

This line sums the book up to me.  The book is full of the darkness that is Never and Ty yet as they begin to bond, a light begins to shine around them.  It’s fuzzy at first but by the end it’s peeking through the darkness like a little beam of sunshine.

“Guys like this, like Ty, they’re just built to explode, to rain their burning past down on you and melt your soul”

Ty does this so well not only for Never but me as a reader.  I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame.  He’s the kind of guy I want to be with.  Okay maybe in a way I already have a man like Ty, my Hulk had a lot of darkness in him for that matter so did I until we got together 20 years ago.  That  is why I like Never and Ty so much while our stories are different, I understand the darkness.  I understand seeing the light for the first time.

This is a must read.  I’m off to Book 2….



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