I’m a little late publishing this morning.  I’m still on the Holiday weekend schedule I think.  Lots of exciting stuff going on.  I”m staying extremely busy with writing and other writing related tasks.

Did you see that I peaked at #61 Overall in Erotica Authors on Amazon?

Over the Edge peaked at #2 in Erotica in Australia?

For the Australian readers out there I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am cooking up a special acknowledgement for y’all.

July- I’m working on a short story tentatively called Belle’s Christmas Miracle right now.  This 20k Novella will be submitted Aug 1,2015 for consideration in a Christmas anthology.

Aug- I will be working on a yet untitled YA short story to be donated to an anthology with all proceeds  going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  I’m extremely excited to work on this story. This submission is not due until Jan 2016 but trying to get rough draft out of the way

Sept- I will begin the rough draft of Beyond the Edge book 3 of the Knight Series.

Oct- Will finish an untitled work that sits at 50k in rough draft form

Nov- National Write a Novel Month- I will be participating so who knows what new story will come from that.  Thanks to NaNo we have Destiny’s Detour and On the Edge.

That typically means while writing the rough draft of one story I am also somewhere in the revision process or editing process with another story.

Have you ever wondered my typical process for writing a Novel it goes something like this:

1.  Type the rough draft

2. Set it to the side and forget about it for at least a month

3.  Round 1 Revisions this can take between 2-4 weeks

4. Beta Readers- This again takes around 2-3 weeks

5. Round 2 Revisions this takes 1-2 weeks

6.  Editor- This takes between 2-3 weeks

I know that readers get impatient waiting for the next book in a series but I’d rather put out a quality book then a crap book because I rushed.  Also depending on what story is flowing in my head is which one the rough draft gets written first.  I will not force write anything.  I have found writing something when its not flowing makes for way more revision work in the long run.  With the book Over the Edge I actually wrote and scrapped 4 rough drafts and then spent months on revisions because I was not happy with how the story was developing.

Don’t forget to go to the website and check out my events calendar.

I hope everyone has a great week.  Don’t forget I love to chat with my readers.  don’t be shy about contacting me by email, facebook, or any other method you can figure out (ha ha ha)


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