This novel took a lot longer then I expected to get out for several reasons.  However the good news it is coming to you soon.

Things happening now:  1.  Cover and teasers being created  2. The manuscript is with the editor.


Cover Reveal: MAY 25, 2015

Release Date is set for June 25, 2015


Katarina “Kat” Roberts left years ago for college. Leaving behind the man she loved trying to make a future for herself.  She has avoided Belmont for five long years because of Cole Knight.  When her brother is shot protecting Cole she is forced to return and face him.

 Cole Knight, powerful leader to a crime family hasn’t seen Kat since she walked out on him. Now they have to put their past aside when an old enemy comes back determined to take out Kat, Cole and anyone connected to them.

 Kat and Cole have to learn to work together and not tear each other apart as they battle a common foe.  Will it bring them closer together? Will they get a second chance at love or will the past be too much for them to overcome?


5 thoughts on “UPDATE **Over The Edge Book 2 the Knight Series ** UPDATE

  1. I hope you are healthy and your family is doing well. As much as I have eagerly waited for this book, good health and family is what is important.

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