Right after my last post…Life went crazy…

My grandmother, mother, a cousin and I went to visit my daughter at college.  We spent a wonderful weekend at the college and were spending time our last morning doing some shopping at the local gift store and the school bookstore.  My daughter and I were in the process of checking out at the bookstore when a young man came running in saying that a woman on the street needed her daughter and granddaughter…

My daughter and I rush out to find my grandmother has “fallen” later we learned she probably blacked out due to low heart rate.  She hit the sidewalk so hard she knocked herself out.  She was taken to the closet hospital (45 min away) by ambulance.  There we found out she had a bleed in her brain and had completely shattered the right eye socket on all sides.  The hospital not being able to handle this type of trauma life flighted her to another hospital we had gone from being 100 miles from home to 300 miles from home.  My grandmother went through facial reconstruction immediately and the brain bleed turned out to be a very small issue.  Our family was there for 10 days while she recovered.

In the meantime I have been having some medical problems and while at the hospital came down with a staph infection on my jaw.  I was sent home to avoid spreading it to my grandmother.  2 rounds of antibiotics later  I was finally feeling normal and grandma was home.  It was determined a metal plate I have in my jaw is shifting slightly and is causing my problems.  I will be looking into surgery for this after the holidays but I have no insurance so I’m not rushing (ha ha ha)

Then let’s throw in the third thing…about a week after my grandma got home we recieve a call that my cousin who had been with us at my daughter’s college and later at the hospital with my grandmother unexpectedly passed away.

My grandmother is recovering a lot faster then we expected however there is still a way to go to getting her back where she wants to be.

Totally truthful with all that has happened the last 2 months…writing or anything to do with the writing world is been a far far far thought from my mind.

I did release the young adult version of Destiny’s Detour simply because it was ready.


All of my other writing projects/life will be on hold until 2015.  I’m not even sure when I will be back at it full time as much of that depends on my grandmother’s recovery and  the scheduling of my surgery….

But those of you on this subscription list… Be watching on Christmas morning when you get a very special Christmas present from me to you….


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