What’s New?!?

I have to admit since the Down & Dirty Author Bash ended, I took some much needed time off. I was on stress overload.

Last week I spent some time getting my “office” back in order while edits for Destiny’s Detour Young Adult Edition have been happening.  My editor and I have been working hard to make sure that DDYA is the best book it can be.  While it will no longer contain the erotic scenes in the original edition, it will be a better written story the basic plotline remains the same but there are some new scenes.

I have a BOX literally of swag and books to mail out I know that I am totally behind in mailing this stuff out and I apologize to those who have been waiting but have done so patiently.  All of it will be taken to the Post office this week.

I literally do not have one paperback of either of my books left, this is kind of a good thing right?  I will be ordering Paperbacks soonif you would like a signed paperback there is an order form   http://goo.gl/forms/YiOjBVWemD

OVER THE EDGE– I know many of you have been messaging wanting to know when this book will be out.  Due to how hectic my schedule was and family issues, etc my writing time has not been what I wanted and it is showing in the feedback from my Beta readers.  I am not publishing a  book just to get it out thereI will be taking the next couple months to revise the book with the help of my Betas so this book is everything the readers want it to be.  With that said the current Publication date for this book is January 2015.

I also have plans for several books in 2015 as I work on my writing and publishing schedule  I will post an update.

I will be participating in NaNo 2014. For those who are not familiar with NaNo. It is National write a Novel Month and it is held every November both Destiny’s Detour and On The Edge were NaNo Novels. I will be writing King’s Jewel Book 1 of My Imperial Outlaw series be looking for more info on this  series soon…

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