You never know…

Today I was supposed to head over to Pensacola, Florida for a few hours, but it didn’t work out so Demon cub (my 16yo son) and I took off to a nearby town to do some event shopping to include several stops.

1. Unexpected stops-

a.  TLC Vapes- because you can never have enough flavor for your vape pen.  Demon was trying flavors out I bought a new battery that has Alabama on it ROLL TIDE!  While he was chilling with the guy who owns the place I went next door

b. A & D Apparel – adult store, more vape pen stuff, Body jewlery I could have been there a while if not for demon waiting for me.

2. Office Depot, picked up lanyards and name badges for DDAB 2014

3. Unexpected stops part 2

a.  Whataburger because Demon cub was starving. We laughin having good mother/son bonding before our last stop of Walmart but then I remeber I saw a halloween store.

b. Halloween store- okay another place I could have shopped for hours, but I ran across a display of Sons of Anarchy Items and started tossing stuff in my hand basket. Didn’t care patches, ring, Tshirt… Then I began shopping corsets because well, I love wearing corsets. So I am trying them on and Demon is supposed to give his opinion, I called him around because I wasn’t fastening them all the way just enough to makesure they would fit.  He didn’t answer, but I saw him through a crack and called his name again and next thing I know he drops the hand basket and takes off sprinting in front of the storebeing a mom all I think is WTF and take off aftter him.  IN that time I hear shouting there is a child choking.  Outside the front of the store in the parking lot this woman is in a panic trying to help but not doing it the right way so I pulled Demons’ CPRE and First Responder card out of his wallet as he takes the girl and flips her over and begins trying ot help the right way. This woman wasn’t the mother and suddenly another lady and I are  like whose child is this? No answer until a man finally replies mine, he is on the phone calling the mother thankfully another lady called 911black hair lady and I both notice a child is not just choking but something else going on.  Lay her down the ground and she starts performing mouth to mouth.  The girl begins to whimper so she stops thenthe baby’s head flops and she turns blue again in short time this time get her on her side because we aren’t sure what is going on.  Then the heads child is flopping and my natural instinct is to shove my hands under her head to keep it from beating againist the concrete and thats how I stayed for 10 min while another lady gave her mouth to mouth as she never came to and was not breathing.

The paramedics take over and other lady and I stand up and watch.  Suddenly I look down and realize I am semi exposed standing outside in the parking lot.  I look at lady “Going to go put my shirt back on”

Come back outside and we tell the paramedics what we did to aid until they got there.


It was only later, after Demon cub and I am back in the car headed to house because neither of us felt like going to walmart.  “Well, I totally just proved I have no issue with public nudity he starts laughing.  Then I said “you know what else its funny the 3 people who took over and really helped that poor baby were tatted and piercedjust go to showyou never should judge a book by it cover….


Then we pull up to the house and I am like coming down from aderline rush and am like am I seeing thingsrub my eyes a little it’s still thereyes my Angel Cubs car is sitting in the front yard. ..I haven’t seen her in a month I couldn’t get in the house fast enough before I throw my arms around her.  She said surprise and happy early birthday!!!! My birthday is Tuesday.

My babies may be 18, 16 and almost 15 but I want to hold them tight to me tonight.  Holding a 3yo in my hands who isn’t breathing has an impact whether you know them or not…. I sit here tonight wondering if she is okay as they think she was actually having seizures and probably choking on her tongue more then anything.  I will never know

Out of Context

This post is not accusing nor defending anyone it is just my opinion on how we must be careful what we say and do in public. Normally I would watch quietly from the sidelines, but one of the authors is attending the signing I’m hosting in 2 weeks so I figured I better look into it.  Truthfully, I have read neither novelist’s books.  So when I should be event planning I am going to have to take time  to read two books because I want FACTS and that means reading and researching for myself, not just taking one person’s word for it and joining the bandwagon based on one person’s blog post.
Plagiarism (verb)
 To commit literary theft:   present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source
This a HUGE and very SENSATIVE topic in the Indie world.
I decided to see if I could pull a phrase from my Debut novel and then pull other books and search for the same phrase.  I used myself and 4 of my favorite authors.  Guess what we all had the same phrase in our book with the same idea behind the use of the phrase. Are we plagiarizing? I don’t think so
I took my Debut novel Destiny’s Detour about a college football player and pulled a random phrase “against the wall” and took a screenshot
photo 1
Then I pulled a random selection of books from my kindle and searched for the same phrase
Tijan-Fallen Crest Public about high school students
photo 5
Ethan-Nicole Edwards  M/M
photo 4
Withstanding Me- Crystal Spears  a biker MC book
photo 3
Beck- Harper Sloan  an alpha male book
photo 2
We all have our characters having some type of  up against the wall sexual act.  In fact 3 of use the almost exact same phrasing, but that does not mean plagiarizing. Sometimes things are similar because, well, there are no New ideas, not really. We also are influenced by those we read.  A phrase here or there or a similar scene does not make a plagiarist.  Copying a whole story idea does.
 I just finished a college CEU course on Writing a Romance Novel.  There is a formula to writing a romance novel and there are 4 basic  conflicts. It’s just up to a writer to put their own twist or personality on those.
MY POINT HERE:  Don’t just assume or join the mob look into it for yourself!