Tennessee Valley Author Event(TNVAE) in Knoxville TN. Was an absolute blast this past weekend. I met a lot of awesome Authors, bloggers, and readers.

Each author event I attend I learn something new to do or not do and not always from my peers.  Readers are the best learning tool I have!

I took my 2 oldest children with me Angel Cub age 18 and Demon Cub age 16 both experienced their first author event. They had so much fun they say they want to go to them all with me.  That’s not happening though lol

I spent most of today doing “office” work and catching up after being gone all weekend.  I am preparing to leave for the Southern Girls Author Event in Greenville, NC this Thursday.  Not much writing has been done the last couple of weeks.

Writing Updates:

Destiny’s Detour YA edition: new cover model hired and book cover coming soon.  All sex scenes and over the top cussing removed.  Next week I will write at least 2 new scenes for the YA version that were not in the published NA version. It is scheduled to go to the editor the first week of August.

Over the Edge book 2 the Knight Series:  There is a little over 55k words in the very rough draft written.  The first Beta reader received the first 5 chapters of it this evening. When I return from NC I will finish working on the rough draft. If all goes as I expect.


On the Edge Paperbacks will be in hopefully tomorrow..I am so excited to have those babies in my hands!



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